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Would You Rather Write a Letter or Send an Email?

Would you write a letter or rather send an email? This seems like a fairly obvious question. Everyone (I hope) is going to say send an email. Why? The answer lies in three key words – ‘SPEED TO VALUE’.
I understand writing a letter can be rather nostalgic and depending on circumstances, may be more appropriate over e-mail, but, in the hectic world we live in where content has a short shelf life and information is processed so quickly, it’s kind of hard to retreat back to antiquated methods, with my example being communication.

When communicating, be it business to business, it’s a case of how quickly and efficiently can I get my message across whilst still maintaining a high degree of quality – SPEED TO VALUE.

I have no doubt that during the dawn of the internet and email, its arrival caused a seismic shift in how businesses would do business. The same can be said for the arrival of the credit/debit card, to now contactless payment technology. I’m sure if you said 30 years ago you’ll be able to pay via your mobile phone you’d be locked up with the key thrown away (obviously not, but you get my point.)

So, if the world is moving towards the use of innovative technologies to improve our lives, can someone please explain to me why people still consider spreadsheets which indicate where your chemical waste should go is the answer to our waste disposal problems? Accidents are all too common in labs, and the most hazardous process in a lab is pouring your waste into a waste bottle. If bottles aren’t labelled you can’t make an educated decision as to what should go in that bottle – Russian Roulette. Even if your bottle is labelled, the onus is still on the disposer to ask themselves the question, “is this bottle safe to put my waste into?” Our CTO, Niall asks the same question, and you should check out his article here to find the answer to that question.

But, back to my article. If I don’t know where my waste should go, this asks a question “am I recording what I’m disposing of?” Even if I am recording what I’m disposing of, am I really putting pen to paper? Surely not. Alas, you know where I’m going with all of this. Our Chemishield platform addresses every pain point in the chemical waste disposal process, without impacting negatively operational excellence in the lab. Using Chemishield to dispose of all of your waste will take no longer than 60 seconds from login to log out. How long does it take to consult a spreadsheet, ask an experienced analyst for advice, manually record on paper what you are disposing of? Greater than 60 seconds. Remember, Chemishield offers safety, traceability and compliance, as well as, SPEED TO VALUE. If you switched over from writing a letter to email or from cash to card, then you can swap spreadsheets for Chemishield.

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