Varun Jain covers his first experiences of working in Ireland since starting his Chemishield intership
The Interns Strike Back – Varun’s Living The Dream

It’s hard to believe that I have been a Software Engineer Intern at Chemishield for a month already! Time flies, and it feels like I was here for an interview just yesterday. My joy knew no bounds when I was offered an Internship at Chemishield. It was like a dream come true since I always wanted to work with Cloud technologies and I couldn’t ask for a better company than Chemishield.

So here I am, at the end of the first month, still amazed by the fact that I’m working with a great company like Chemishield. It’s my first experience working in Ireland, and it has been amazing so far. Everyone at Chemishield has ensured that I have the best experience possible.

Since day one, I have been told the internship is all about me, which is amazing because I have seen a lot of places just wanting interns to work for them with very less scope of personal learning and growth! I’m glad Chemishield has much more to offer than that.

Moreover, I got a very warm welcome from the team and it helped me feel like I was a part of the team since the very beginning. I also got some pretty cool goodies and not to forget the amazing desk and the superb setup I got (which includes three monitors,) which is just awesome to work with!

Even though only one month has passed, I have been amazed by how the company functions. It has exceeded all my expectations of how working in a company would be like. Everything is organised and planned, irrespective of how big or small it is. It ensures the smooth functioning of the team and gives a clear objective of what to work on. I also got a lot of hands-on experience during this month which was amazing.

The freedom to try and learn new things at my own pace makes me excited and energetic every day. Another astonishing thing was that I wasn’t just given small tasks to do. Instead, I was given a whole new project to work upon which was mind-blowing. The team supports and helps me whenever I need them and even encourage me to try things that are out of my comfort zone.  Most parts of the project are being organised and planned by me and my friend Ciarán, who is also interning with Chemishield. The fact that we get to control the project flow made me so excited that I wanted to take work home and enjoy it even more.

It’s been an eventful month and change into this internship. My experience with the computer industry is just beginning and in a few weeks, I’ve been able to do so much with Chemishield. My endeavor all through the period here will be to make the team and the company proud. I look forward to more hands-on learning and growth at Chemishield during this internship (full of free coffee and casual Fridays!) I know I’m going to do so much more and I’m incredibly excited about that!

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