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The Interns Strike Back – Productivity Enhancing Comfy Trousers

Catch Up Here – Part One, Part Two

Because of reasons we are all too aware of I, along with everyone else in Chemishield, am working from home. It was easy enough to adjust to working remotely, we are lucky to be in an industry that allows us to work safely at home in pjs. I think that we can all agree that wearing pyjama bottoms has been an increase in comfort and productivity, and when we eventually return to the office, I would like to keep the productivity enhancing comfy trousers.

Working from home has brought up numerous challenges to date. I live in a rural area, so my internet connection is basically dial up quality. A unique problem I faced living at home was having a farmer knock out my internet connection on his tractor. I think he cut the telephone line while doing drifts in the field on his John Deere.

Because of some obvious recent changes, we are parking our SDS project for now and moving onto other tasks. I have been focusing more on testing at the moment.

Something that’s new to me recently has been Nightwatch.js. Nightwatch.js is a simple testing framework for end-to-end testing. For people who aren’t programmers, testing is a big part of developing, you should write tests for all professional projects you do, seemingly. An end-to-end test is running a program from start to finish asserting that all parts are working correctly. Testing is one of things in college that we are told is very important but get very little practice in, so focusing on it has been great to get more skilled in it.

Outside of work I’ve been playing Animal Crossing. It came out at a perfect time to just get lost in the game for countless hours (62 hours, I did count)

Sorry to disappoint, no picture of me asleep this month.

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