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The Interns Strike Back – Internships in a Time of COVID

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I’m over halfway through my internship at Chemishield, which is crazy! This month has been very busy and unique. The lockdown opened a vast possibilities of things waiting to be explored. For the first time ever, I took an interest in cooking. I’ve been cooking various dishes to expand my repertoire. To be honest, most of them were good but I had a few failures too. Apart from cooking, I’ve been exploring places near my house on my bicycle. Summer is near and it felt great to cycle in the sun and heat after a long time.

On the academic front, I’ve been doing some research about my final year project. I have some ideas in mind now and might pitch them to the team and get their feedback. I’m also planning to do a side project using Amazon Web Services or AWS which will showcase my knowledge about the various services offered by the platform.

Coming to the work side, in the beginning of April, the team started discussing the possibility of adding a new module to the Chemishield platform. After long hours of meetings, a lot of discussions and more than a few cups of coffee, the project was given a green light. The documentation was made and it was decided Ciarán and me will be the ones leading it (again 😎) It made me really happy and excited since it was the second project we got in a short period of time. Also another thrilling thing about this project is that it is independent of external factors like the last project and so we are hoping it will be completed without any major road blocks.

At this point you’re probably wondering what the project is all about. Even if you aren’t, I’m pretty hyped to tell you about it. So basically it’s an Inventory Management System or IMS as we call it. According to Google, Inventory management software is a software system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. We have planned to add the IMS module to the Chemishield platform to help the clients manage their inventory in a better and more efficient manner.

Since April, Ciarán and me have done a good bit of work on the IMS project. I will say it’s about 30% completed but then again I might not be considering how much work actually goes in finishing a project. Nevertheless, we are trying to give our best and live up to the expectations of the team. For this project, I have swapped roles with Ciarán. He is doing the frontend and I’m doing the backend. I’m sure this will help us give a better understanding of how things work in a product like Chemishield.

It has been an exciting and productive month. Every day is a new day and a new learning experience. We are thoroughly enjoying our work while we learn new skills. We have also implemented systematic strategies to succeed at work. The work is never dull, and I’m always challenging myself to get better and more efficient with every project I work on. I can’t wait to give an update on the new project. I’ll be back soon to do that. Until then, take care and stay safe guys!

Thanks for reading 😉

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