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Catch up on Varun’s entries here – Part One, Part Two, Part Three I’m over halfway through my internship at Chemishield, which is crazy! This month has been very busy and unique. The lockdown opened a vast possibilities of things waiting to be explored. For the first time ever, I took an interest in cooking. […]

Ronan Leonard of Irish Tech News talks to Kevin Walsh the CEO and founder of Chemishield. Kevin talks about what Chemishield does, the blog posts that he and his CTO have written about managing diverse teams in times of uncertainty and what technologies Chemishield have started […]

I know I have been starting every post with how I can’t believe a month has gone by but it’s hard to put in words how quickly time flies here. A lot has happened since the last month. The spread of COVID-19 has affected everyone globally and transformed how things happen. Because of it, most […]

Unfortunately for many business owners, the sad reality is that Covid-19 will have ever lasting consequences for their business. Some, may never open again. Like, how do you prepare for something like this? You can’t really, can you? I think we are one of the lucky businesses […]

Catch Up Here – Part One, Part Two Because of reasons we are all too aware of I, along with everyone else in Chemishield, am working from home. It was easy enough to adjust to working remotely, we are lucky to be in an industry that allows us to work safely at home in pjs. […]

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Making Labs Safer, Greener and Compliant Chemishield is a chemical waste management system that can be used to safely track and trace chemical waste across your entire facility. Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly newsletter. Resounding Endorsement From Opko Health Welcome To The Team! Our two new software developers, Varun Jain and Ciarán Malone were […]

Working remotely is the new norm and for many it is their first time experiencing contributing from outside of a fixed workplace. For those working in the IT sector, and especially those working for or alongside global businesses, the adjustment has most likely been a bit softer. Video conferencing, distributed teams, cloud based everything, working across various time zones […]

Catch Up here – Part One, Part Two, Part Three 2019 was interesting to say the least. We started our journey by clearing out the bad and bringing in the good. You’ll have noticed that previous blog posts have been focussed around process and organisation, which in some people’s eyes is ugly and perhaps boring. […]

Another successful and meaningful month comes to an end at Chemishield.I can’t believe how fast my internship is passing by! It seems as though there is a race, with so much to learn and so little time. Arghh! I wish I could learn it all faster. But as the saying goes – Slow and steady […]

Catch Up on Ciaran’s First Post Here At the end of January, me and Varun were tasked with our next project. This project is much bigger in scope than the previous one and will actually have an impact on the Chemishield Service (which is very exciting.) We’ve been asked to create a search component of […]

What a way to finish off January – we have been shortlisted for another award! Thanks to the Irish Laboratory Awards for shortlisting Chemishield in their Innovation of the Year category.
We’re honoured to be up against such big names in the Irish Life Sciences Industry and look forward to celebrating on the night with all nominees. Chemishield CEO and Founder Kevin Walsh had this to say […]

It’s hard to believe that I have been a Software Engineer Intern at Chemishield for a month already! Time flies, and it feels like I was here for an interview just yesterday. My joy knew no bounds when I was offered an Internship at Chemishield. It was like a dream come true since I always wanted to work with Cloud technologies and I couldn’t ask for a better company than Chemishield. […]

We have big news! Aphex, the company behind Chemishield have been shortlisted in the Waterford Chamber & Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber Waterford Business Awards in the Entrepreneur of the Year category! Listen out for Chemishield CEO Kevin Walsh’s interview with WLR FM on Monday February 17th 2020 where he speaks about the ups and […]

With two new interns from WIT starting their placement with us, we thought what a great way to get an insider insight into the Chemishield way. Meet Ciarán and Varun, every month we’ll be posting their monthly round-up of the highs and lows of Chemishield intern life – no tea making or coffee fetching to […]

What makes a good employee and what makes a bad employee, and what turns a good employee into a bad employee? There are numerous factors in what determines a good employee and a bad one. Ultimately the buck stops with the employer. If the employer cannot provide a work space or environment so that their staff can do their job in as easy a manner as possible […]

EirGen Pharma (An Opko Health Company) recently installed Chemishield in their labs as part of a commercial trial with Aphex – Engineering Pharma Excellence. Our slick solution automated the chemical waste disposal process and provided QC personnel with a greater degree of confidence when disposing of chemical waste. Not only does Chemishield enhance safety, but […]

Who doesn’t like free money. Is money really free though? In my experiences over the course of the past two odd years I can say that it ‘kind of is’. Ok, well what do I mean about that?
Let’s look at how we were able to utilize ‘free money’. Innovation Vouchers, a 5K voucher from Enterprise Ireland (EI) that can provide an injection into an aspect of the business you are wishing to grow […]

Welcome to the first installment in our Chemishield webinar series! Rebecca Burke, Sales and Marketing Executive, leads an informative webinar whereshe discusses the risks associated with hazardous waste disposal and the importance of automating and validating the management of this process through Chemishield’s agile technology to ensure safety to personnel and equipment in global laboratory […]

Bedding down processes that facilitates the growth of Chemishield, supports the system and helps to grow our team is a real priority. Commercially, developing our sales process is vital as we bring on board new team members and help them to grow into their roles fast. We’re seeking to mitigate against a steep learning curve by developing our very own playbook […[

So, after been hassled and pushed towards blogging by our Sales & Marketing Executive, Rebecca Burke, (thanks Becky!) I’ve decided to write a candid monthly entrepreneurial account encompassing everything from establishing a business, right through to running it, and the high and lows. My hope is that we can enhance our online brand, drive more […]

Welcome to my latest edition of the Chemishield blog, it’s been a busy few months for the team here with finalising development and release of Chemishield Pro (the online version of the software) to project managing our global pilot trial with a Pharma Industry leader and not forgetting the successful outcomes from our commercial trial with near neighbours in Waterford, Eirgen Pharma (Opko Health) […]

Would you write a letter or rather send an email? This seems like a fairly obvious question. Everyone (I hope) is going to say send an email. Why? The answer lies in three key words – ‘SPEED TO VALUE’.
I understand writing a letter can be rather nostalgic and depending on circumstances, may be more appropriate over e-mail, but, in the hectic world we live in […]

Chemishield provides the answer to what appears to be a simple question, “How do I know if it is safe to put this chemical waste in to that container?” The answer to that question forms the basis for the development of the core part of the Chemishield platform. Before developing that functionality or any other functionality though we had to take a big step back and consider the holistic view […]

It’s nearly ten years since I was indirectly involved in a major chemical accident. It’s a day that has been the catalyst for change, the day Chemishield was born. I remember it so clearly. Four analysts, myself included, were in the ‘write up’ area working away when all of a sudden, what sounded like a car crash, erupted from the lab. It was like someone knocked over all of the HPLCs […]

Chemishield is a hazardous waste management software which helps companies to automate the disposal process. In Chemishield, waste streams are created and linked to the hazardous waste belonging to that stream. For example, a waste stream for Chlorinated waste can be created in Chemishield and all substances and mixtures designated as belonging to that Chlorinated […]

A pioneering solution, our cloud-based platform, Chemishield, greatly enhances safety in the laboratory whilst also aligning with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of hazardous chemicals and the communication of these hazards to users through labelling (the ‘CLP Regulation’) Chemishield ensures full compliance with this regulation and the Waste Framework Directive […]

As a product owner, sometimes it’s difficult to take your head out from the weeds and see the bigger picture. All of a sudden, what seemed to be intuitive and obvious, is now vague and ambiguous. You see, that’s the problem with being too close to your product. You know it intimately and are afraid to critique it.  You don’t get why people don’t see what you see, in the same way why not everyone may think […]

Socrates was the founding father of Philosophy, he had an ideology based on teaching his scholars to ask probing, open-ended questions, enabling audiences to understand problems in developing conversation and agreement on conclusions. An ethos that everyone makes the same choices together on the same journey. This ethos carries through to modern day life and […]

Following on from Chemishield’s introduction to the Irish Software and Technology ecosystem in April with Dublin Tech Summit, the following months have brought strong growth and development to our world first software platform project. Engaging with clients from North Carolina to South Queensland, the Adriatic Sea and our great Emerald Isle in between; we have […]

In our previous blog post – Why We Should Adhere to the Waste Framework Directive, I wrote about the initial lab explosion which resulted in significant damage to the lab I was working in. Over the past number of years we’ve read about similar case studies and have visited laboratories where best practices regarding waste disposal were not being adhered to. One such example […]

Let me start off this blog post by stating I am not Nicholas Cage. That being said, 6 years ago that scene from Con Air came into my mind. You know the one where he is running from the explosion in slow motion – great stuff and a terrific movie. You see when I was working in a laboratory 6 plus years ago a similar bomb went off in the lab. Ok, there were no flames and instead of a slow motion[…]

Did you know that hazardous waste poses a greater risk to the environment and human health than non-hazardous wastes and thus requires a stricter control regime? This is laid down in particular in Articles 17 to 20 of Directive 2008/98/EC (The Waste Framework Directive.) It provides additional labeling, record keeping, monitoring and control obligations from the “cradle to the grave” […]

A journey borne out of a laboratory-based incident over 7 years ago took another giant leap forward last week as Chemishield was introduced to the Irish and International technology community at Dublin Tech Summit.

“Research at TSSG undertaken with Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers brings Waterford firm closer to launching hazardous waste disposal technology“ Two entrepreneurial Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) graduates have driven forward their engineering consultancy by collaborating with researchers at their alma mater. Founded in 2012, Waterford-based Aphex is the brainwave of co-founders and WIT graduates, Waterford […]

Kevin Walsh’s research carried at Waterford Institute of Technology has led to engineering consultancy Aphex developing revolutionary software for safe…