improving chemical safety with chemishield
Chemishield & Chemical Safety

Chemishield is a hazardous waste management software which helps companies to automate the disposal process. In Chemishield, waste streams are created and linked to the hazardous waste belonging to that stream.

For example, a waste stream for Chlorinated waste can be created in Chemishield and all substances and mixtures designated as belonging to that Chlorinated waste stream will never interact with any other waste streams that have been created. You can have multiple waste streams and you can select multiple substances and mixtures to dispose of and Chemishield will link the substances and mixtures to the correct waste container, ensuring the mixing of these streams does not occur. The benefit of this being:

  • Elimination of accidents due to mixing of incompatible waste streams.
  • Reduction in lab downtime associated with accidents without getting into potential legal/insurance/equipment damage/supply chain costs.
  • Enhanced reputation for safety for the client.

Reduction in Paper Reliance:

Labs typically rely on logbooks, (if even,) to account for their disposal activity (some companies don’t have any system!) Logbooks are made of paper, and if you’ve read our origin story, as we all know paper is vulnerable to destruction. As well as there being costs associated with maintaining paper records.

Logbooks, if not used correctly, do not reflect the real contents of waste containers, meaning I can review a logbook and see that X, Y and Z are in a container but the person before me forgot to update the logbook and say they put A into it. The result – BANG. The unknown chemical has reacted with what I just put into the container. Thus, as there is no record of who disposed of what, we cannot pinpoint what the unknown was in the container.

Where Chemishield Comes In:

Now, one might say, we could do the same with Chemishield. The difference is, disposing of waste in Chemishield takes less that 10 seconds, whilst recording in a logbook can take up to a minute. Secondly, as companies are paying for it, it will be used as they are buying it to address a problem. Finally, the Lab Manager can access the audit trail and analytics function to see the who, what, where and when sequence of events (check out our videos explaining each user function here)

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