Diary of an Entrepreneur - The Good, The Bad and the Down-Right Ugly
Diary Of An Entrepreneur – The Good, The Bad and the Down-Right Ugly!

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2019 was interesting to say the least. We started our journey by clearing out the bad and bringing in the good. You’ll have noticed that previous blog posts have been focussed around process and organisation, which in some people’s eyes is ugly and perhaps boring. To me, it’s beautiful.

2019 kicked off with a bang where our incoming CTO was able to define a product road map for Chemishield and implement the various best practices and standards that go with that. Consequently, that ‘rubbed off‘ on other areas of the business and has allowed us to put better structures and visibility in place. Examples would include daily morning standups, weekly wash ups, use of a kanban system, making greater use of our CRM Copper and Slack, along with G Suite and instructing all of said tools to be smarter and ‘talk better to each other.’

In summary, over the past 12 months we have grown from 9 to 13 full time staff, we launched our new website for Chemishield, grew our Twitter and LinkedIn followers exponentially (thanks Becky), built Chemishield, ran a successful commercial trial of Chemishield with Eirgen Pharma, implemented customer support processes for Chemishield, on-boarded numerous enterprise clients who are using Chemishield on a day to day basis, tripled the size of our recruitment business and have successfully completed numerous projects for Life Science clients.

Looking into 2020 we have some exciting plans in place where we will be looking to attend numerous trade shows globally for Chemishield, hire another recruitment consultant, make more noise (good noise of course) on social media, build out the Chemishield product to look after lab inventory levels and manage MSDS’s and continue to win more engineering projects. Slowly but surely that hammock in the Caribbean is getting closer!

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