Diary of an Entrepreneur - The Good, The Bad and the Down-Right Ugly

Diary Of An Entrepreneur – The Good, The Bad and the Down-Right Ugly!

Catch Up here – Part One, Part Two, Part Three 2019 was interesting to say the least. We started our journey by clearing out the bad and bringing in the good. You’ll have noticed that previous blog posts have been focussed around process and organisation, which in some people’s eyes is ugly and perhaps boring. […]

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what do expect in a software developing internship

The Interns Strike Back – Varun Races Against Time

Another successful and meaningful month comes to an end at Chemishield.I can’t believe how fast my internship is passing by! It seems as though there is a race, with so much to learn and so little time. Arghh! I wish I could learn it all faster. But as the saying goes – Slow and steady […]

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Our interns tackle the challenge of creating a database of SDS

The Interns Strike Back – The Challenge of the Colossal Tasks

Catch Up on Ciaran’s First Post Here At the end of January, me and Varun were tasked with our next project. This project is much bigger in scope than the previous one and will actually have an impact on the Chemishield Service (which is very exciting.) We’ve been asked to create a search component of […]

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Varun Jain covers his first experiences of working in Ireland since starting his Chemishield intership

The Interns Strike Back – Varun’s Living The Dream

It’s hard to believe that I have been a Software Engineer Intern at Chemishield for a month already! Time flies, and it feels like I was here for an interview just yesterday. My joy knew no bounds when I was offered an Internship at Chemishield. It was like a dream come true since I always wanted to work with Cloud technologies and I couldn’t ask for a better company than Chemishield. […]

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applied computing internship

The Interns Strike Back – Ciarán Goes Ham

With two new interns from WIT starting their placement with us, we thought what a great way to get an insider insight into the Chemishield way. Meet Ciarán and Varun, every month we’ll be posting their monthly round-up of the highs and lows of Chemishield intern life – no tea making or coffee fetching to […]

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hiring good employees, firing bad employees

Diary of an Entrepreneur – Hiring and Firing

What makes a good employee and what makes a bad employee, and what turns a good employee into a bad employee? There are numerous factors in what determines a good employee and a bad one. Ultimately the buck stops with the employer. If the employer cannot provide a work space or environment so that their staff can do their job in as easy a manner as possible […]

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Client Testimonial – Eirgen (An Opko Health Company)

EirGen Pharma (An Opko Health Company) recently installed Chemishield in their labs as part of a commercial trial with Aphex – Engineering Pharma Excellence. Our slick solution automated the chemical waste disposal process and provided QC personnel with a greater degree of confidence when disposing of chemical waste. Not only does Chemishield enhance safety, but […]

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enterprise ireland grant schemes for entrepreneurs and start ups

Diary of an Entrepreneur – Money, Money, Money

Who doesn’t like free money. Is money really free though? In my experiences over the course of the past two odd years I can say that it ‘kind of is’. Ok, well what do I mean about that?
Let’s look at how we were able to utilize ‘free money’. Innovation Vouchers, a 5K voucher from Enterprise Ireland (EI) that can provide an injection into an aspect of the business you are wishing to grow […]

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make your labs safe with chemishield

Webinar Series – How To Make Your Labs Safer

Welcome to the first installment in our Chemishield webinar series! Rebecca Burke, Sales and Marketing Executive, leads an informative webinar whereshe discusses the risks associated with hazardous waste disposal and the importance of automating and validating the management of this process through Chemishield’s agile technology to ensure safety to personnel and equipment in global laboratory […]

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‘Tis The Season of Process

Bedding down processes that facilitates the growth of Chemishield, supports the system and helps to grow our team is a real priority. Commercially, developing our sales process is vital as we bring on board new team members and help them to grow into their roles fast. We’re seeking to mitigate against a steep learning curve by developing our very own playbook […[

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