enterprise ireland grant schemes for entrepreneurs and start ups

Diary of an Entrepreneur – Money, Money, Money

Who doesn’t like free money. Is money really free though? In my experiences over the course of the past two odd years I can say that it ‘kind of is’. Ok, well what do I mean about that?
Let’s look at how we were able to utilize ‘free money’. Innovation Vouchers, a 5K voucher from Enterprise Ireland (EI) that can provide an injection into an aspect of the business you are wishing to grow […]

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make your labs safe with chemishield

Webinar Series – How To Make Your Labs Safer

Welcome to the first installment in our Chemishield webinar series! Rebecca Burke, Sales and Marketing Executive, leads an informative webinar whereshe discusses the risks associated with hazardous waste disposal and the importance of automating and validating the management of this process through Chemishield’s agile technology to ensure safety to personnel and equipment in global laboratory […]

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the importance of mentality when setting up your start up

Diary of an Entrepreneur – Bono Syndrome

So, after been hassled and pushed towards blogging by our Sales & Marketing Executive, Rebecca Burke, (thanks Becky!) I’ve decided to write a candid monthly entrepreneurial account encompassing everything from establishing a business, right through to running it, and the high and lows. My hope is that we can enhance our online brand, drive more […]

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AI , innovative technology

Would You Rather Write a Letter or Send an Email?

Would you write a letter or rather send an email? This seems like a fairly obvious question. Everyone (I hope) is going to say send an email. Why? The answer lies in three key words – ‘SPEED TO VALUE’.
I understand writing a letter can be rather nostalgic and depending on circumstances, may be more appropriate over e-mail, but, in the hectic world we live in […]

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clp compliance regulations stay compliant with chemishield

Chemishield & CLP Compliance

A pioneering solution, our cloud-based platform, Chemishield, greatly enhances safety in the laboratory whilst also aligning with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of hazardous chemicals and the communication of these hazards to users through labelling (the ‘CLP Regulation’) Chemishield ensures full compliance with this regulation and the Waste Framework Directive […]

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customer satisfaction

Listen To The User

As a product owner, sometimes it’s difficult to take your head out from the weeds and see the bigger picture. All of a sudden, what seemed to be intuitive and obvious, is now vague and ambiguous. You see, that’s the problem with being too close to your product. You know it intimately and are afraid to critique it.  You don’t get why people don’t see what you see, in the same way why not everyone may think […]

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sales process development in a start up

Philosophy, Trust and Buy-In

Socrates was the founding father of Philosophy, he had an ideology based on teaching his scholars to ask probing, open-ended questions, enabling audiences to understand problems in developing conversation and agreement on conclusions. An ethos that everyone makes the same choices together on the same journey. This ethos carries through to modern day life and […]

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chemical accident prevention

Other Kaboom Moments & How Chemishield Can Help Your Business

In our previous blog post – Why We Should Adhere to the Waste Framework Directive, I wrote about the initial lab explosion which resulted in significant damage to the lab I was working in. Over the past number of years we’ve read about similar case studies and have visited laboratories where best practices regarding waste disposal were not being adhered to. One such example […]

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