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remote working challenges, the importance of being kind to yourself
The Interns Strike Back – Be Kind To Yourself

Catch up on Ciaran’s other posts here – Part One, Part Two, Part Three I think a good indication that I’ve been working from home for too long is that I can’t remember how long its been. The days are starting to melt into each other, and I started to get that horror movie cabin […]

Ronan Leonard of Irish Tech News talks to Kevin Walsh the CEO and founder of Chemishield. Kevin talks about what Chemishield does, the blog posts that he and his CTO have written about managing diverse teams in times of uncertainty and what technologies Chemishield have started […]

I know I have been starting every post with how I can’t believe a month has gone by but it’s hard to put in words how quickly time flies here. A lot has happened since the last month. The spread of COVID-19 has affected everyone globally and transformed how things happen. Because of it, most […]

Unfortunately for many business owners, the sad reality is that Covid-19 will have ever lasting consequences for their business. Some, may never open again. Like, how do you prepare for something like this? You can’t really, can you? I think we are one of the lucky businesses […]