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The Interns Strike Back – Test, Test and Test Again

Catch Up On Ciaran’s Posts Here – Post One, Post Two, Post Three, Post Four I was working on the inventory management system, personally feeling I was approaching the end of the project. I had sent the section I had completed up for testing and review. It had five main sections Add Material, Check Stock […]

Newsletter – July 2020 Making your labs safer, greener & compliant Chemishield is a chemical waste management system that can be used to safely track and trace chemical waste across your entire facility.  How Has COVID-19 Affected The Chemical Industry? CEO Speaks On A Changing Pharma World Kevin speaks to Tech Dr Ronan Leonard about the world’s first […]

Ronan Leonard of Irish Tech News talks to Kevin Walsh the CEO and founder of Chemishield. Kevin talks about what Chemishield does, the blog posts that he and his CTO have written about managing diverse teams in times of uncertainty and what technologies Chemishield have started […]

I know I have been starting every post with how I can’t believe a month has gone by but it’s hard to put in words how quickly time flies here. A lot has happened since the last month. The spread of COVID-19 has affected everyone globally and transformed how things happen. Because of it, most […]